Watch Cat2See
in action

Cat2See lets you play with your cat, watch it, feed it
and even take photos & share them with your friends
– when you’re away from home!

Innovative game, feeder and webcam for your cat

Smart Camera

High resolution moving camera with motion
detection. The smart 270 degrees web camera also
controls all other instruments in the kit

Scheduled Feeding

Real time feeding / scheduled feeding
through the mobile app

Real “Touch & Feel” Game

Real toys can be attached to the interactive Rod
Game which provide a healthy play time for your cat

Use with any Mobile Device

Download and start using the app easily
on any mobile device

Interactive Communication

Listen to your cat and talk to it from wherever you
are and get push notifications to your mobile device
about any move your kitty makes

Social Community

Play with other cats and their owners all over world
and let others play with yours while you’re not at home.
Share Photos & Videos on any social network.

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Cat2See will be coming out this March!

Tofi loves this one! This cat rod is amazing and I am filled with energy every time I watch him play at home while I am away. I was a little worried about installing the app, but I found out it was easy.
“You’ve changed my life, and Pitt’s life too. Due to a special diet, Pitt needs to eat on specific times during the day, and now I can make sure that happens. I even play with him when I am at the train or bus :) Thank you guys!”
“If you work tons of hours & come home late and you feel like you’re neglecting your cat – this product is your redemption. My launch time became far more amusing & Mitch loves it! Cat2See is really the perfect solution for me!”