Interactive Feeder

Treat your cat anytime and anywhere!

Does your cat ever stops asking for food? Have you ever seen it completely satisfied? Whenever
we leave out cats with enough food for the whole day, they will probably eat it all right after we go
and trash the place for the rest of the day in the search for some fresh food. That’s why Cat2See
interactive feeder was created.


On time or in Q

The feeder lets you release just the right amount of food for your fluffy pal every time you want using
your smartphone. Don’t want to worry about it all day? No problem! With the mobile app you can
simply set a schedule feeding. Use the camera to check if your cat is hungry or upset and give it a nice
treat whenever you decide!

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No wires – more fun!

The feeder is not connected to the camera with wires but communicate with it using WiFi. That way you
can set up the Cat2See camera in-front of the feeder and watch it releases food on real time or watch
your cat eat from any angle you like!


Some technical information:

Capacity: 1 litter.
Dimensions: 23cm x 13cm x 24.5cm (height x width x length)
Weight: 9.7oz (276g)
Power Adapter: Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.5A (AC) Output: 5V 2A (DC)
Wireless: Remote controlled 2.4-GHz RF

Get to know more of Cat2See awesome features:

Smart Camera
Rod Game
Mobile app
Interactive Communication
 Social networking

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