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Meet the all-cats-network!

If you are a real cat-lover your cats is probably your own private stars. Now with the Cat2See
app & smart camera you can show it to the whole world! Use the mobile app to create a unique
profile for every cat, take pictures or videos via the webcam, tag them and share it with the rest
of the world.


Get anyone around you to know your cat

In your cat’s profile you can add some valid information such as allergies, food they enjoy best,
their favorite games and most important – their dislikes. You can also upload to your cat’s profile
pictures from your computer/smartphone.

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Share some knowledge and fun

Use the Cat2See app to chat with other cat-lovers around the world, watch and play with other cats
and let your friends and family play with yours whenever they want. Ask questions about taking care
of cats and get answers from other cat lovers around the world.

Get to know more of Cat2See awesome features:

Smart Camera

Rod Game

Interactive Feeder

Mobile app

Interactive Communication

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