Payment & Shipping

How much does Cat2see cost?

You can choose between 4 different products:
Camera – 119$
Water Dispenser  – 89$
Feeder – 89$
Rod Game – 89$

Do you ship to my country?

Cat2See is currently available exclusively in the United States & will be available in more countries soon.
Let me know when Cat2See is available on my country

Accepted Payment types?

We accept payment by Visa credit card or via Paypal.


Installing Cat2See‬‏ (PDF)
I can't connect to my Cat2See kit – what should I do?

During the installation make sure your camera is 5 meters or less from your Wi-Fi router (after the installation you may move it to another location). Wait for about 2 minutes and see if the camera waves up and down.

If it doesn’t respond: unplug and re-plug it again. Wait for about 4 minutes. If it still doesn’t work contact our support.

If it does respond: contact your internet provider for a better bandwidth or purchase a signal booster for your router.

How do I switch the router connected to my Cat2See kit?
  1. Plug the camera to a power outlet next to the old router.
  2. Open the Cat2see app, tap menu>settings>factory reset.
  3. Wait for about a minute- until the camera waves up and down to show it has disconnected. Than move it to the new location and plug the camera to the outlet.
  4. Wait for the camera to wave up and down (up to 5 minutes) and then go to the Cat2See app and re-connect it (follow the instructions in the app). Once the process is over you can move the camera to a farther location.
How to locate the instruments in the Cat2See kit?

All instruments are communicating through Wi-Fi and not by wires so you can separate them and locate the camera in front of the feeder / rod game for a better angel. Just make sure all instruments stay in the same room and don’t put them farther than 5 meters from each other.


I have a firewall on my network. What ports do I need to open for Cat2see?

The port number needed is 1935, 80

How do I contact tech support?

Our tech support email address is –

I don’t see my home Wi-Fi network?

Make sure your camera is in the range of your home router. Re-starting may solve this problem.

How do I prevent MAC address filtering from blocking Cat2See camera?

If your router uses MAC filtering you need to temporarily disable it to find the MAC address of your own Cat2seeCamera. This can be viewed in the list of connected devices in your router settings. Once you have its MAC address, you can safely add your Cat2seeCamera as an exception and turn the filtering back on. If you’re using an iOS device, you may also find useful Find app from the Appstore or if you’re on Android, then Wi-Fi Analyzer will help you finding its MAC address.

What should I do if the camera is out of focus?

The Cat2See should focus automatically but sometimes it doesn’t work and you need to do it manually. If that happens, gently rotate the camera lens until you see a clear picture. If that doesn’t help please contact our support.

What should I do if the feeder / rod game stop working?

Make sure the instruments are 16feet or less from the camera. Plug off the feeder / rod game, wait for 2 minutes and then re-plug it to the outlet. If that doesn’t work repeat the process and wait 4 minutes before plugging it back on. If the problem continues, contact our support.

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